Puppy backpack

Dogs need exercise! But how much exercise does your dog need? And how much exercise is healthy for a puppy? Puppies are not as resilient as healthy adult dogs. Just like human children, their bones are still soft and the growth plates are not yet closed. Plan for one too many rest breaks rather than [...]

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Flying with dog

What could be better than spending your vacation with your dog or cat? On the road by car or train is still comparatively easy. However, when traveling by air with a dog, there are a few things to consider. The flight must be sufficiently planned. Many airlines have different transport conditions for taking dogs [...]

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Dog backpack for Westie

West Highland White Terriers are persistent, robust, outgoing and stubborn dogs. However, these small hunting dogs are no scent hounds. Typical representatives of their breed are tough and can cover short distances quickly. However, due to their stocky build, they are not endurance runners. Moreover, they clearly show when they are tired or run [...]

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