More stability thanks to the crossbars!

Our PeakStone Backpack, Dachshund Backpack and Bulldog Backpack models are not only very similar in design, but all have a crossbar. One or more crossbars are included with every order of a PeakStone, Dachshund or Bulldog Backpack, depending on the backpack size. The crossbars, which you can mount as you wish, increase the stability [...]

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Dog backpack for Australian Kelpie

Australian Kelpies are active and agile herding dogs that need plenty of exercise and adventure. Whether it's hiking, biking, or just a walk in the city, a dog backpack allows your furry friend to be safe and comfortable by your side. But even athletic dogs start their lives as puppies, can get injured, or [...]

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Dog backpack for Coton de Tuléar

The Coton de Tuléar, also known as the "cotton dog", is an adorable breed of dog that has won the hearts of animal lovers all over the world with its snow-white, fluffy coat and gentle nature. Originally from the French island of Madagascar, this little four-legged friend is now conquering the sofas and hearts [...]

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How do I choose the right size Dachshund backpack?

The Dachshund Backpack from TARIGS - perfect for your adventures with your dachshund The Dachshund Backpack from TARIGS has been specially developed to meet the needs of Dachshunds and dogs with a similar build. With its large width and low height, it offers your four-legged friend optimum comfort and freedom of movement. However, the [...]

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Vegan Leather MountainRock Backpack

TARIGS MountainRock now available as a Vegan Leather version! Double-digit temperatures in winter, melting ice in permafrost regions and increasing extreme weather events are reasons to pay more attention than ever to sustainability in this current time. More and more people are therefore opting for vegan products that are free from animal-based ingredients. TARIGS [...]

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Dog backpack for Miniature Poodle

The underdog among dogs - as the second smartest dog breed, Poodles are the perfect companion for people in every situation. Classically, there are four different poodle sizes: Toy, Miniature, Medium and Standard Poodle, with the Medium Poodle probably coming closest to the original Poodle. In the following, we will take a closer look [...]

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20 kg MountainRock Backpack

New for all larger four-legged friends! Until now, the MountainRock Backpack has been available in the sizes Small, Medium and Large and is therefore only suitable for dogs weighing up to 16 kg. We now have something new for some larger breeds! The TARIGS MountainRock Backpack in the Medium size was the first backpack [...]

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