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  • Size (W×H×D): 40 x 55 x 23 cm | 16 x 22 x 9″
  • Maximum load: 12 kg | 27 lbs
  • Adjustable chest strap
  • 2 zippered pockets on the hip fins
  • Lightweight, thin & tear resistant material
  • 3 mesh pockets on the sides, e.g. for drinking bottles
  • Outside: zipper pocket
  • Inside: Padded laptop sleeve (25 x 40 cm | 9 x 15″)
  • Stable bottom & a stiffened back section
  • Integrated tether strap
  • 3 closable windows (20-40 cm | 8-15″)
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TARIGS PeakStone Backpack – Trekking backpack for dogs

The PeakStone Backpack by TARIGS is suitable with its low weight (1.9 kg) and the large capacity for ambitious hikes, ambitious bike tours and relaxed day trips. Well-placed pockets allow you to easily and quickly reach everything. The carrying system, also ensures a high level of comfort. The trekking backpack for dogs is suitable for all small & medium-sized dogs, cats and other pets.

Designed in Germany & Made in Europe

Some dogs can be put into the backpack immediately and carried around in a relaxed manner, others must first become used to the backpack. Similar to a dog carrier. How much training is needed depends on the character, age and breed of your dog.

How to get your dog used to the dog carrier backpack (quick guide):

  1. Exercise your dog physically and mentally. For example, with a long hike, a bike ride, and so on.
  2. Put your dog in the backpack. Reward with treats. Slowly increase the time in the backpack. Tip: You don’t have to start walking / cycling right away.
  3. When you are ready, put your dog in the backpack and the backpack on your back. Alternatively, you can wear the backpack on the front. However, due to ergonomics, we do not recommend that you carry the backpack in the front for extended periods of time, especially with medium weight dogs. Tip: First put the backpack on your back from an elevated object, for example a table.

The dog carrier backpack is made of extremely high quality and durable ripstop material. Ripstop is characterized by a checkerboard structure, is particularly light and tear-resistant. The impregnated material is water repellent, but not 100 percent waterproof.

The dog carrier backpack has three windows. These can each be closed with a zipper. The 3D mesh is light and air permeable. Thus, your pet can look out even when the window is closed. You want to leave the windows open? No problem! Just open the zipper on each window, roll up the 3D mesh and fasten it at the top with the small buckle.

The trekking backpack for dogs has ergonomically shaped shoulder straps and a padded hip belt with integrated zipper pockets. The open-pored back padding fits comfortably and prevents pressure points. Your dog thus remains particularly close to the body’s center of gravity and is optimally balanced. The load-lifter straps allow you to adjust the dog carrier backpack optimally. The two aluminum rails ensure a transfer of the load to the hips.

The dog backpack itself has a sturdy frame, which prevents it from collapsing both when standing and lying down. An additional crossbar, which you can attach to your preference, increases the stability.

The dog carrier backpack has three mesh pockets in total. Two on one side and another on the other. Here you can store water bottles, poop bags, treats and much more. In the front area (outside) the backpack has a zipper pocket. Inside you will find another padded zippered pocket where you can store a laptop or equipment and food.

There are windows on three sides of the backpack. These provide good air circulation. The 3D mesh of the window is both light and air permeable.

The solid and water-repellent bottom of the dog backpack is especially important for the comfort of your dog when carrying in the backpack. The sturdy bottom is padded about 1 cm thick and ensures that your dog does not sag. A strap in the backpack allows you to secure your dog and keep your dog safe. Especially when cycling this is very important. We recommend you always to fix your dog with a harness to the carabiner of the strap. Of course, the dog backpack also has a sturdy handle that allows you to carry the backpack in your hand.

The PeakStone Backpack meets the requirements of acceptable shipping containers for many airlines. Policies, entry and exit requirements, and International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations may change periodically. To be safe, check with your airline in advance to determine what requirements must be met in order for you to take your pet into the cabin.

The backpack is equipped with three openings / three mesh windows, so ventilation is provided. Of course, if it is very warm outside, it will also be warm in the backpack, regardless of the material. So please follow the “rules”, which otherwise also apply on hot days.

There are numerous situations when a backpack to carry dogs and cats is surprisingly convenient. These include…

  • Trips by bus or train
  • Long walks with puppies / senior dogs
  • Extensive hikes
  • Cycling / Mountain bike tours

and many more.

  • Place the backpack and open the entrance completely.
  • Put your dog in or let him walk in.
  • Secure your dog to the backpack’s tether strap with a harness.
  • Close the backpack.
  • Keep changing the sitting direction if your dog doesn’t do it by itself. This ensures an ideal weight distribution.
  • The shoulder straps must be adjusted according to the application.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 62 × 62 × 15 cm

Dark Gray, Forest Green

7 reviews for PeakStone Backpack

  1. Kaitlyn

    We are absolutely in love with the backpack.The material is easy to clean. We get along well with the backpack. Although our dog has a long fur and it is often wet and muddy here, the backpack looks brand new. Unfortunately, we had lost the crossbar during a hike. Normally we don’t use it at all, but that day we had it with us and lost it right away. We emailed Tarigs and they quickly sent us a replacement. Thank you so much for your great service. I would never have expected that. We have recommended Tarigs to others many times.

  2. Claire Emmerson

    The backpack was delivered from Germany to the UK within 3 days. Everything was well packed. The backpack looks really great, is well made, very light and airy and feels very good on the back. In my opinion, this backpack is perfect for warm/hot days. For this reason, I had also ordered it. Unfortunately, we forgot to practice carrying our dog in the backpack and didn’t have a harness with us the first time. Our dog Peggy was a little nervous at first when we took the train. After she walked for a while, we put her in the backpack. It was completely different. She felt very comfortable. Now she loves the backpack and I take her to work in it. Without that she is physically exhausted. She immediately lies down and sleeps.

    She is a Cairn Terrier and weighs 21 lbs. I never thought she could lay down either, but somehow she does.

  3. Paul Butterell

    My cat and I are thrilled with the backpack. She’s a Bengal, grew up with Rhodesian Ridgebacks and loves to be in it all the time. I love that I can also put my laptop and many other things in the backpack without my cat even noticing or even minding. So we can go to the park together and I can work from there. Plus, we’re always an attraction and people are happy to see us….

  4. Ariana

    I have not come across a bag as perfect as this one!! Most dog carry bags don’t consider that we want to carry just one bag out with us and don’t give enough room for belongings but this bag has so much room for your phone and wallet and even a water bottle or two. THANK YOU!! My pup and I are so happy with our purchase.

  5. Katharine

    I am a very loyal customer because Winston and I both enjoy the comfort and beautiful quality design. He is a dachshund and loves the backpacks at home very much. This time we tried the backpack because we do a lot of hiking and traveling. Its durable and good work in every aspect. I really appreciate how they handled customer service with our concerns and questions as well as very fast delivery! Thank you very much!

  6. Marissa

    This backpack is great and my cat loves it! He made the cutest face when he realized it was for him. He’s a chunky boy, weighing in at 8lbs and not to mention, he’s big too. We bought it for our cross country trip so it wouldn’t be stuck in a box. We tried it on with him in it and the straps didn’t hurt at all. I really like that it is super ventilated unlike some of these backpacks with the window (greenhouse effect). Customer service was fantastic and it shipped super fast. I was worried that it wouldn’t arrive in time for our departure, but I had no reason to worry. Overall we are super happy with our purchase!

  7. Louise Rutter

    Best dog bag on the market. I have a 13 lbs dachshund, and he’s totally into it. It’s so much easier having his weight distributed on my back using the backpack as opposed to all of his weight on my shoulder if using a shoulder bag. The quality is definitely what one has grown to expect from a dog bag company. The bottom has an internal plastic platform to keep the bottom of the bag flat. The bag is reinforced to prevent sagging.
    Of course, all the mesh providing the necessary ventilation.

    I have spent seemingly endless hours trying to find the best dog bag for our adventures. This one is it, nothing else even remotely compares. Buy it!

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