Every dog is unique. Each dog has its own character and many of them immediately enjoy being carried around in their new dog carrier backpack from TARIGS. They sniff the wind or poke their head in and enjoy the well-deserved break. Others first have to get used to being carried or sitting still. It’s especially easy when your dog knows his limits and shows you that he or she is tired.

Put your dog in the backpack and he will immediately understand and appreciate the added value of the backpack. Tarig, the Westie, is just such a dog. As soon as the backpack was on the ground and he wanted to be carried, he immediately ran towards it. If he was not put in immediately, he tried to crawl into the backpack. If the backpack was closed, the terrier came out. But what do you do if your dog is not like Tarig? And why do you need a dog carrier backpack at all?

There are many reasons why a dog backpack is extremely useful. Even if your dog does not know its own limits and therefore a little training is necessary to get your dog used to the new dog carrier backpack. Because if these limits are exceeded, this can lead to serious health problems in the short, medium or long term.

For example, as a rule of thumb, puppies should walk 1 minute per week age. Much too little for a walk. Also, only full-grown and healthy dogs are supposed to run when riding a bike. Also, health conditions, such as a heart defect, may mean you have to take it easy on your dog. And if you’re traveling by train, a little relaxation is definitely nice, too. By the way, you are often allowed to take your dog with you on buses & trains free of charge, as long as you carry it in your backpack.

Get dog used to the dog carrier backpack

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