The TARIGS Dog Backpack

Take your beloved four-legged friend with you wherever you will go!

Put your dog inside the backpack, attach to the carabiner and you are ready to go!

The TARIGS MountainRock Backpack is the perfect backpack for all nature lovers or city slickers.


We took care of every detail. No escapades and no hurdles – you are always together on the road!

Ride your bike, take a long walk or climb mountains and create wonderful and unforgettable memories!

The MountainRock Backpack has everything that’s needed – high quality materials in combination with an unbeatable design.

Takes you to the next level

The numerous, ergonomically shaped details make the dog carrier backpack an absolute must-have for all dog owners of small to medium-sized dogs!

It’s time to spend your time together in nature.

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TARIGS – The backpack for dogs