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Get your dog used to the dog carrier backpacks made by TARIGS

Every dog is unique. Each dog has its own character and many of them immediately enjoy being carried around in their new dog carrier backpack from TARIGS. They sniff the wind or poke their head in and enjoy the well-deserved break. Others first have to get used to being carried or sitting still. It's [...]

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How to hike with your cat?!

Nature lovers around the world take their dogs for granted on hikes, recreational activities or to the nearby city park. But what about cats, anyway? Hiking with cats is the new hiking trend, which is slowly spilling over from the USA to Europe! Numerous photos show cats in front of breathtaking scenery in green forests [...]

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TARIGS Human Apparel

TARIGS certified organic Westie clothing is super soft, fluffy, comfortable and stylish. Unisex Fashion for men & women! TARIGS Fashion is high quality and contemporary clothing. Responsible and just as ethical, as well as considerate of people, animals and our environment. Our sweatshirts and t-shirts are made exclusively from 100% organic [...]

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MountainRock Backpack vs. PeakStone Backpack

What are the biggest differences between the MountainRock Backpack and the PeakStone Backpack? What are the advantages of the two models? What are the biggest differences? And which backpack for small dogs is best for you? Below, we'll get to the bottom of these questions. So that you can make the right decision. [...]

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Get your cat used to wearing the harness

This is how it works! First things first: not every cat can be used to a harness and leash. Whether your cat is suitable for it depends on its character. But why are we talking only about a harness and leash, but not a collar? Classic leashes with collars for cats are not suitable, [...]

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€600 were donated to the WWF

Do something good together! That is the point behind the Limited Editions. As a young company, we may not be able to donate six-figure amounts right away. But every euro counts! That is why it is important for us to donate small amounts to various charitable organizations. The Limited Edition "Water Blue" of [...]

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The Dalmatian – Let us be honest!

The Dalmatian: Dalmatians are different, different from other dogs, different you might imagine at first. In the breed portrait about dalmatians you will learn funny anecdotes about Clemens and dalmatians in general, besides the most important information, which you will find everywhere else. First the most important facts [...]

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