Australian Kelpies are active and agile herding dogs that need plenty of exercise and adventure. Whether it’s hiking, biking, or just a walk in the city, a dog backpack allows your furry friend to be safe and comfortable by your side. But even athletic dogs start their lives as puppies, can get injured, or eventually grow old and lose their agility. That’s where a TARIGS dog backpack for Australian Kelpie comes in. With a backpack, you and your dream team can continue to explore the world together!

Australian Kelpie sits in the PeakStone Backpack, Large

Profile Australian Kelpie

Origin: Australia
Weight: 12 – 20 kg
Shoulder height: 43 – 51 cm
Back length: 50 – 60 cm
Life expectancy: 12 – 15 years
Fur: medium length, smooth, dense
Color: black, tan, red, blue merle, chocolate merle
Character: intelligent, obedient, active, persevering, loyal, family-friendly

The Australian Kelpie:

A herding dog with Scottish roots and a fondness for water spirits

Did you know that the Australian Kelpie got its name from a water spirit? The history of these agile herding dogs began in the 19th century when Scottish Collies were imported to Australia. These dogs were bred with local Dingoes and other dogs to create the perfect herding dog for the harsh conditions of the Australian Outback.

A lucky coincidence led to the development of the breed:

In 1870, the Rutherford family brought six Collies from Scotland to Australia. One of their female dogs, a black and tan beauty named Kelpie, won a herding competition in 1873. Her offspring were so sought-after that the breed was named “Australian Kelpie” after her.

Kelpies are not only loyal working dogs, but also true water lovers:

The name “Kelpie” comes from Gaelic and means “water spirit.” In Scottish folklore, Kelpies are mystical creatures that take the form of horses and drag people into the depths.

But don’t worry!

While Australian Kelpies are enthusiastic swimmers, they are not ghosts. They are loyal and playful companions who are devoted to their owners.

An Australian Kelpie is a herding dog with Scottish roots and a fondness for water spirits. They are active, intelligent, and easy to train.

For unforgettable moments with your Australian Kelpie

The Australian Kelpie is a loyal companion who loves adventures. But what do you do when your four-legged friend can’t keep up anymore due to age, injury, or simply tiredness? Here’s where a TARIGS dog carrier backpack comes in!

Here are some ways to use a dog backpack:

  • Puppies: During the sensitive development phase, a carrier backpack allows you to safely and securely introduce your puppy to new environments and stimuli.
  • Senior dogs: For older dogs who can’t walk as well anymore, the backpack allows them to participate in beloved activities without straining their joints.
  • Injuries: In case of injuries or surgeries, the carrier backpack can play an important role in the recovery process by relieving stress on the dog while keeping them mobile.
  • Backup: Even for fit Kelpies, a carrier backpack provides an extra sense of security. In case of unforeseen events, such as a sudden thunderstorm or rough terrain, the dog can be quickly and safely stowed away in the backpack.

The perfect backpack for your Kelpie

We at TARIGS offer a variety of dog backpack models designed to meet the different needs of dogs and owners. Whether it’s for short walks or long hikes, we have the right backpack for you and your Kelpie. For most Kelpies, the MountainRock Backpack in size Large or 20 kg and the PeakStone Backpack in size Large are suitable. If your dog is smaller, bigger, lighter, or heavier than average, we’d be happy to recommend the right backpack for you. Please fill out the form “The right size” with your pet’s information. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

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