What are the biggest differences between the MountainRock Backpack and the PeakStone Backpack? What are the advantages of the two models? What are the biggest differences? And which backpack for small dogs is best for you? Below, we’ll get to the bottom of these questions. So that you can make the right decision.

The sizes

The MountainRock Backpack is the first dog carrier backpack from TARIGS! Started with only one size (today the size Medium) in 2019, the sizes Small and Large followed in 2020. The 20 kg MountainRock Backpack has also been available since 2023. This model is available in four sizes for dogs weighing up to 20 kg.

The newcomer is the PeakStone Backpack. The backpack has been available in the Medium size since 2021. The Small and Large sizes followed in 2022. The maximum load is 16 kg.

The windows

The MountainRock Backpack has a large window, as well as air holes on each side.

The PeakStone Backpack has a total of three windows. All can be opened separately from each other.

The material

The MountainRock Backpack is made from water and dirt-repellent material. It is available in 2 materials: a robust PVC material or a sustainable vegan leather (artificial leather – MADE IN GERMANY). The MountainRock Backpack is super easy to clean. The backpack therefore offers good protection against rain. But not 100 percent. This is not possible due to the necessary air circulation.

The PeakStone Backpack is made from high-quality and robust ripstop material. It is particularly light and tear-resistant. The main material is also water and dirt repellent.

The dead weight

The MountainRock Backpack itself weighs about 1 kg (size Small), 1.6 kg (size Medium) 2.2 kg (size Large) or 2.9 kg (20 kg / Extra Large).

The PeakStone Backpack has a net weight of approximately 1.6 kg (size Small), 1.9 kg (size Medium) and 2.7 kg (size Large).

The storage space

The MountainRock Backpack has two mesh pockets on the right side. (In Small it has only one mesh pocket.) There you can store, for example, a large water bottle. On the other side is a large zippered pocket on the outside over the entire side. Here fits among other things, for example, another water bottle pure. Inside the backpack is another large zipper pocket.

The PeakStone Backpack has a total of three mesh pockets. Two on one side and another on the other. Here you can store, for example, several water bottles. In the front area (outside) the backpack has a small zipper pocket. Inside you will find a padded laptop pocket. The pocket is still deep enough so that you can take, for example, food for your hike.

The colors

The MountainRock Backpack is available in the colors Light Gray and Grass Green, as well as in White, Brown and Black (Vegan Leather).

The PeakStone Backpack is available in Dark Gray and Forest Green.

The seat surface

The MountainRock Backpack has a square seat. This makes it particularly suitable for square and chunkier dog breeds.

PeakStone Backpack has an elongated seat. Thus, it is especially suitable for square, greyhound-like dogs and dogs with long backs, such as dachshunds.

The compfort

The MountainRock Backpack has a simple hip belt and a height-adjustable chest strap. It also has a sturdy bottom, a stiffened back and an integrated tether strap. On this you can secure your dog.

The PeakStone Backpack has a padded hip belt with hip fins and one zippered pocket each. In addition, it has a height-adjustable chest strap, a sturdy bottom and a stiffened back. Also this model has an integrated leash to which you can attach your dog.

On hot days

For both models, if it is very warm outside, it will be warm inside the backpack. Regardless of the material and the windows. So please follow the “rules”, which otherwise also apply on warm days.

The airplane bag

The MountainRock Backpack is larger in Medium and Large sizes than the allowable dimensions of many airlines’ carrying cases.

The PeakStone Backpack in Small and Medium meets the requirements of permitted transport containers of many airlines.

Policies, entry and exit requirements, and International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations may change periodically. To be on the safe side, check with your airline to determine what requirements must be met in order for you to take your pet into the cabin.