On the road together!

Take your four-legged friend with you wherever you go! The dog carrier backpacks by TARIGS are perfect for all city slickers and nature lovers. Whether it’s a dog or a cat, your beloved four-legged friend will definitely enjoy it and join you on every adventure! We took care of every detail. No escapades and no hurdles! Whether ambitious hikes or challenging mountain bike tours, a trip by bus or train, an extended walk or the next city trip with your four-legged friend… you are always together on the road! Simply put your fur nose inside the backpack, clip to the carabiner and you are ready to go! Get your dog backpack now at TARIGS! Choose between the MountainRock Backpack, the PeakStone Backpack, the Dachshund Backpack and the Bulldog Backpack.


Woman carries Westie in dog carrier backpack from TARIGS
Dog carrier backpack for medium size dogs

The perfect dog backpack.

The dog carrier backpacks by TARIGS have everything that’s needed – high-quality materials in combination with an unbeatable design. The numerous, ergonomically shaped details make the dog carrier backpacks an absolute must-have for all dog owners of small to medium-sized dogs! Padded shoulder straps, open pore back padding, waist and chest straps. In addition, the dog backpacks have two removable metal bars. Purposefully positioned pockets allow you to easily and quickly reach everything and store all your equipment. The carrying system also ensures a high level of comfort. In addition, it ensures that the backpack sits perfectly, no matter what sitting position your pelt nose takes.


Explore! You will love it.

Take your beloved four-legged friend with you wherever you will go! It’s time to spend your time together in nature.

Explore! You will love it.

The dog carrier backpacks by TARIGS

Super easy to clean.

And if your dog has taken a bath in the mud? No problem! Just put it in your new dog carrier backpack! It’s best to shower off your dog backpack with clean water at home and hang it up to dry. So your dog backpack can shine in new splendor. The extremely light and at the same time very robust material is suitable for any application! Our dog carrier backpacks are insensitive, look cool and are also water repellent. This means that your four-legged friend is also protected from moisture in the backpack. Please note, the backpacks are not 100 percent waterproof. This is not possible, because your dog or cat needs to get sufficient air even when the window is closed. And where air comes in, water also comes in. The 3D mesh is both light- and air-permeable. Thus, your dog or cat can look out even when the window is closed.

Hiking backpack for dogs - Light Gray - TARIGS

Ready for a bike ride?

Ride your bike, take a long walk or climb mountains and create wonderful and unforgettable memories!

Ready for a bike ride?

Choose your backpack

Our four models offer you a choice of unique colors, high-quality materials and different sizes. You’ll be sure to find the backpack that suits you and your dog perfectly. Whether small or large. Our largest backpack is suitable for dogs up to 20 kg / with a shoulder height of up to 60 cm.

Create wonderful memories!

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