Summertime Dog Carrier Backpack

The dog carrier backpacks by TARIGS accompany you 365 days a year. They are equipped with air holes or window(s). This provides sufficient ventilation for your dog. However, on hot summer days, it will not be colder inside the dog carrier backpack than outside. Regardless of the material. Therefore, please follow the "rules" that [...]

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Dog Carrier Backpack or Pet Stroller?

Whether dog carrier backpack or pet stroller. Both products allow more flexibility and new experiences with your dog. For people with puppies, but especially old, sick or disabled dogs, a dog carrier backpack or pet stroller can be an immense relief. Old, sick or disabled dogs often have limited stamina and physical abilities. Of course, [...]

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TARIGS donates in favor of the victims of the flood disaster

Due to the current flood disaster in Germany, we spontaneously decided to round up the collected donation amount from the Limited Edition Red Berry of the MountainRock Backpack and to double it afterwards. Thus we donated a total of 5,000 € to three associations. We only supported associations that were directly affected by the [...]

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Get your dog used to the dog carrier backpacks made by TARIGS

Every dog is unique. Each dog has its own character and many of them immediately enjoy being carried around in their new dog carrier backpack from TARIGS. They sniff the wind or poke their head in and enjoy the well-deserved break. Others first have to get used to being carried or sitting still. It's [...]

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TARIGS Human Apparel

TARIGS certified organic Westie clothing is super soft, fluffy, comfortable and stylish. Unisex Fashion for men & women! TARIGS Fashion is high quality and contemporary clothing. Responsible and just as ethical, as well as considerate of people, animals and our environment. Our sweatshirts and t-shirts are made exclusively from 100% organic [...]

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MountainRock Backpack vs. PeakStone Backpack

What are the biggest differences between the MountainRock Backpack and the PeakStone Backpack? What are the advantages of the two models? What are the biggest differences? And which backpack for small dogs is best for you? Below, we'll get to the bottom of these questions. So that you can make the right decision. [...]

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