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TARIGS dog backpacks: freedom for you and your four-legged friend

Adventures with your dog are unforgettable. But hiking, cycling or sightseeing with a dog also means carrying provisions, water and utensils for your four-legged friend. A dog backpack with lots of storage space provides a remedy and ensures carefree adventures. Whether water bottles, provisions, dog treats or toys – there’s room for everything in our well-equipped dog backpacks.

What storage space do I need?

  • Dog accessories: water and food bowls, treats, toys, poop bags
  • Personal items: sun cream, rain jacket, snacks, water bottle
  • Additional equipment: first aid kit, camera, hiking map

Mountainrock Backpack: Perfectly organized for every adventure

Store everything you need and enjoy carefree moments with your four-legged friend! The Mountainrock Backpack offers clever storage space for every situation.

Two practical mesh pockets on the right-hand side:

  • Larger pocket: ideal for a large water bottle to keep your dog hydrated on the go.
  • Smaller pocket: Perfect for poop bags, treats and other items that need to be quickly to hand.

Additional zippered pockets:

  • Outside: Provides space for another water bottle or other items you may need during your outing.
  • Inside: Provides secure storage space for keys, wallet and other essentials.

Note: The backpack in size Small only has one mesh pocket.

Puppy lies in the PeakStone Backpack. The matching Booster Seat leans against the backpack.

PeakStone Backpack with Booster Seat

Peakstone Backpack, Dachshund Backpack & Bulldog Backpack: Dog backpack with lots of storage space

Whether for short trips or long hikes. The Peakstone Backpack, Dachshund Backpack & Bulldog Backpack offer plenty of storage space for all adventures with your four-legged friend.

Three practical mesh pockets on the sides: offer space for drinking bottles, poop bags, treats and more.

Additional zippered pockets:

  • Outside: provides quick access to important items such as keys, cell phone and wallet.
  • Inside: Ideal for laptops, equipment or food.

The TARIGS Booster Seat: booster seat and storage space in one

The Booster Seat from TARIGS is a clever all-rounder that offers your dog more comfort and you additional storage space.

Booster seat:

  • Raises your dog’s sitting position in the rucksack
  • Improves visibility and ventilation
  • Ideal for small dogs or puppies

Storage space:

  • Remove the PUR foam core for additional storage space
  • Store a change of clothes, snacks or other utensils
  • Practical for long hikes or excursions
TARIGS Booster Seat
AddA Bag Basic & Treats by TARIGS on MountainRock Backpack Black Vegan Leather

AddA Bag

AddA Bag from TARIGS – your smart companion for all adventures with your dog!

Whether it’s a short walk, an extended hike or just everyday life. The AddA Bag adapts to your needs and always offers you the perfect space for everything you need on the go – water, snacks, lead, toys and more.

Detachable and versatile: The AddA Bag is detachable and can also be used as a separate bag. This means you always have your most important items to hand, even when you don’t have your dog with you.

Compatibility: The AddA Bag is compatible with all TARIGS dog carrier backpacks.


Tarigs offers a wide range of dog backpacks and accessories that meet the needs of both dog and owner. The products have a high-quality finish, offer plenty of storage space and are very comfortable to carry.

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