Our PeakStone Backpack, Dachshund Backpack and Bulldog Backpack models are not only very similar in design, but all have a crossbar.

One or more crossbars are included with every order of a PeakStone, Dachshund or Bulldog Backpack, depending on the backpack size.

The crossbars, which you can mount as you wish, increase the stability of the backpack. They are mounted horizontally on the front of the backpack from the inside, above or below the window.

The PeakStone Backpack in Large, Dachshund Backpack in Large and Extra Wide and the Bulldog Backpack have two crossbars to guarantee the best possible stability of the large backpacks.

How to fit the crossbar(s):

1. When you unpack your new backpack, you will find the corresponding crossbar(s) in the inside pocket.

2. The ‘normal’ crossbars have two press studs at the end of the bar. The Large/Extra Large versions have a third press stud in the centre.

3. When you have opened your backpack, you can attach the crossbar above the window on the inside of the backpack. On the wider models, where the crossbar has a third button, this is attached to the folded-down part of the backpack.

4. If you have a second crossbar due to the backpack model, this is attached below the window.

Attaching the crossbars is not a must. They simply increase the stability of the backpack. However, it can also be used without the bars without any problems. For example, if you want to use the backpack as a bed for your dog, it is advisable not to use the crossbar. 

For the optimum stability that a TARIGS backpack can guarantee, you can use the crossbar(s) supplied. Show us on social media how you prefer to use your backpack and don’t forget to tag us on your adventures: #tarigs