The agony of choice

There are now countless types of dog collars. The types of dog collars differ not only in price and quality, but also in width, type, material and much more. But which collar is right for you and your fur nose? With the large selection, it is quite difficult to keep an overview!

That is why we have created a small list for you and your fur nose with the different dog collars. You can use it to find the perfect dog collar for you and your needs.

Types of dog collars

From puppy to senior

Over time you will, or maybe you already have, buy many different collars. The first comes as a puppy, then the dog is suddenly bigger and the very first collar no longer fits. A bit sentimentally you notice that your little darling has already grown quite a bit. Just in the litter box with the many siblings, he or she suddenly became a brawler, a cinnamon tick or a silent observer in the dog school.

It doesn’t matter – because now you need a new collar! A beautiful, practical collar – just as beautiful as your own dog – one that fits best until the end of your life. Even if this idea is probably utopian, your four-legged friend will probably spend a large part of his time with the collar.

A collar is mainly needed to “control” the dog when walking or training with the dog. You can also put the dog tag with phone number, the Tasso badge and / or the rabies tag on your fur nose there. Reminder: If the phone number changes, you should also change the dog tag. So start quickly and compare!

Prevention is better than aftercare

No matter which of the many types of dog collars you have chosen, regularly check how robust and secure the collar is. Signs of wear and tear are normal and will occur depending on use. Nevertheless, you have to make sure that it does not threaten to break on the next jerk. Because let’s be honest: A collar that breaks the next time you pull it does not serve its purpose.

You should also check the size regularly. The dog’s neck also changes over time. And that doesn’t (always) have to do with the fact that the four-legged friend has become too fat. On average, when closed, two fingers should fit loosely between the dog and the collar. For dogs with long fur, please always make sure that no fur is pinched. This is not only painful, but also very uncomfortable, as all women (and men) with long fur, uhhh hair know.

Clemens the dalmatian

The all-rounder …

… in leather, nylon or many other materials, there is probably at least one dog owner at home. Whether in classic brown leather, embroidered with the name of your favorite fur nose or in the most modern trend colors – there are no limits to your imagination when it comes to design.

Often there are these types of dog collars with two different fasteners: the quick fastener on one side and the classic standard buckle on the other side. The quick-release fastener has long enjoyed great popularity due to its extremely easy handling. The standard buckle, especially quick-release fasteners made of plastic, is probably a little more robust.

The rolled ones

Rolled collars were originally made of leather, usually soft nappa leather. Today they are also available in fabric / leather combinations or only in fabric. These collars are especially suitable for dogs with a lot of fur, as they hardly ever break the long fur. Even short-haired dog breeds with sensitive skin can benefit from these types of dog collars, as pressure and chafing spots are avoided.

Those who shine from afar

Illuminated collars are an absolute must-have, especially in the cold and dark season. They are available in all sizes and price ranges: from simple and inexpensive to robust and expensive. As a rule, these luminous collars can be set in three stages: continuously illuminated, flashing quickly and flashing slowly. These collars work either with a button cell battery or by charging on a PC / notebook. Of course there are dog collars that are provided with reflective strips.

The designers …

… collars are mostly made of high quality nylon material in the most wonderful colors and creations.

Whether extraordinary embroidery, wonderful embellishments with rhinestones or elegant fittings – there are no limits to creativity. Not only are they beautiful to look at, they are usually also of very high quality.

Of course, these types of dog collars are also made of felt.

The trainers

Anyone looking for something specific for training will quickly find themselves confronted with strangled collars and holsters.

Halters, or also called Halti or head collar, are not really a collar. They look very much like a horse halter, but should not be confused with a muzzle. They are ideally suited for the easy management of, especially large, dogs. A Halti is especially useful if you have a very aggressive and / or dominant dog on a leash or if the balance of power between man and dog does not fit. Nevertheless, I would like to point out at this point that before buying your dog you also make sure that you can keep him or her. Please consider not only the weight, but also the muscles and traction. We will go into more detail about the mode of operation and the correct use of a Haltis in another article.

Strangle collars are typical training collars. These types of dog collars contract as soon as the dog pulls and loosen as soon as the train is gone. Thanks to a small stopper, the collar can be adjusted to the perfect size for your own fur nose. Although we are rather critical of these dog collars, they can be very useful if used properly. The danger of improper use is that the dog’s throat is damaged. It is important that this type of collar is always worn at the top of the neck. Right under the ears. Please use this only after consultation with a professionally trained dog trainer.

If you want to use a spray collar, you should also seek advice from a specialist and only use it after consultation.

Spiked collars and electric dog collars, which are prohibited but are still for sale, are an absolute no-go for us. If you want to learn more about it, you have to do it elsewhere.

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