Whether dog carrier backpack or pet stroller. Both products allow more flexibility and new experiences with your dog. For people with puppies, but especially old, sick or disabled dogs, a dog carrier backpack or pet stroller can be an immense relief. Old, sick or disabled dogs often have limited stamina and physical abilities. Of course, you could leave these dogs at home. But one thing you must remember is that they don’t want to. And so do we! Also, many people have multiple dogs these days. For dog owners with two dogs, the dog carrier backpack or pet stroller makes sense, because while one dog still has the urge to move, the other dog is already reaching its physical limits.

Dog backpack or dog stroller

Your dog’s weight

Whether a dog carrier backpack is even a possibility for you depends on the size and weight of your dog. Usually, dog backpacks are suitable for medium-sized dogs (approx. 16 kg). In addition, the weight of the dog carrier backpack including the dog should not be underestimated.

There are pet strollers for dogs up to a maximum of 70 kg. However, we can not judge if a 70 kg dog actually still fits in the dog stroller.

The price

Dog carrier backpacks and dog strollers come in different price ranges. In general, a dog carrier backpack is cheaper than a dog stroller. In addition, dog strollers usually come without a dog pillow. Therefore, a dog pillow has to be purchased as well. In addition, many dog strollers are actually a bike trailer. Therefore, a buggy set must often be purchased separately.

The weight and flexibility

Dog carrier backpacks are significantly lighter than a dog stroller. Nevertheless, dog carrier backpacks weigh up to 4 kg. A high quality dog backpack should not weigh more than about 2.5 kg. In addition, dog carrier backpacks are much smaller. They can be made smaller and stowed more easily than dog strollers.

Dog strollers are significantly larger than dog backpacks. A stroller should be foldable. If necessary, the dog buggy should also fit in the car. Usually, the weight of a dog stroller is between 5 and 18 kg. The dead weight of the more comfortable models is usually in the double-digit range, depending on the size.

The application

With a dog carrier backpack you are as flexible as possible. Whether city trip, bicycle tour (also with the mountain bike or e-bike) as well as hiking. Everything is possible. With a dog carrier backpack there are no limits.

Dog strollers are perfect for well asphalted paths, such as bike paths. Light obstacles such as curbs, as well as slightly sandy paths are surmountable for most dog strollers. However, depending on the weight of the stroller with dog, it requires some effort. The dog stroller should definitely have swiveling front wheels. So you can easily walk around curves. (Otherwise, the buggy must be tilted on the rear wheels.) As soon as the path is bumpy it becomes problematic. Forest walks on straight paths are usually still doable. Sandy paths, stony roads or off-road (roots) as well as walks in the mountains are not suitable for a dog stroller. In addition, most dog strollers do not have suspension.

Dog strollers usually do not have a brake. It is essential to have sufficient (grip) strength, especially when going downhill. So that the stroller is not let go. A few dog strollers have a parking brake. This is extremely important in everyday life.

Dog carrier backpack or pet stroller

Space for food and more

Many dog backpacks and dog strollers have no extra pockets or only a little. Apart from the compartment for the dog. Advantageous are models that have enough space for some food, money, keys, etc.. So there is no need to carry an extra bag or a second backpack. The dog carrier backpacks by TARIGS have at least two zippered pockets and a mesh pocket on the side. There you can store for example a water bottle.

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