West Highland White Terriers are persistent, robust, outgoing and stubborn dogs. However, these small hunting dogs are no scent hounds. Typical representatives of their breed are tough and can cover short distances quickly. However, due to their stocky build, they are not endurance runners. Moreover, they clearly show when they are tired or run out of steam. You still want to take your Westie on bike tours, hikes and city trips? Then you need a dog backpack for Westie. The new favorite place with the most beautiful view!

Profile Westie

Origin: Great Britain
Weight: 7 – 10 kg | 15 – 22 lbs
Shoulder height: 26 – 30 cm | 10 – 12″
Back length: 37 – 42 cm | 14 – 17″
Life expectancy: 12 – 16 years, partly older
Fur: hard, straight, wiry, with soft undercoat; needs trimming
Color: white
Character: confident, cheerful, charming, not aggressive, courageous, brave, persistent, family-oriented, not shy, alert

The Westie Tarig von Sir Malcoms Erben is the face of TARIGS.

The dog breed

The history of the pithy West Highland White Terrier has its origins in the 19th century. The Cairn Terrier of the Malcolm of Poltalloch family in Argyllshire was accidentally mistaken for a fox while hunting and shot. Cairn Terriers look very similar to Westies, but usually have a cream to almost black coat. White puppies of the Scottish Terrier breeds were long considered less robust and were therefore often killed. From then on, the Malcolm family bred with the floral white terriers, especially Cairn terriers, until the West Highland White Terrier was created. They were kept in the Scottish Highlands mainly as hunting dogs. At the end of the 20th century, the small white Westie became a fashionable dog. Even today, however, Westies still possess their hunting instincts and would take on larger members of their species. The self-confident Westie is alert, but not a barker. He is therefore suitable as an ideal house and family dog. West Highland White Terriers are almost always in a good mood and have a great personality. The stubbornness makes the little charmer especially lovable. When buying, make sure the breeder has the highest quality. From good breeding they can become 16 years and older. Westies are also prone to breed-specific diseases. These include patellar luxation, allergies, jaw malformation, liver disease.

Hiking with Westie

The pure white terriers have their origin in the Scottish Highlands. Therefore, they are naturally gifted walkers. Nevertheless, the tour must be adapted to the dog’s abilities. The performance and condition depends on age, health and other factors. Long hikes and many meters of altitude are usually no problem for young and fit dogs. If the trail is too steep or your Westie is exhausted, he won’t keep going. Then it’s time for a break in the dog carrier backpack. He’s sure to feel right at home there! Also, your Westie should not walk long stairs and climbs by himself. While you’ re climbing freehand over the obstacles, your dog sits safely in the backpack. The MountainRock Backpacks and PeakStone Backpacks by TARIGS have plenty of room for your dog and everything you need. Plus, your dog can rest in the backpack when he needs a break.

The most beautiful view

Dog backpacks are true all-rounders. They can provide a safe place for your dog on the go. Whether on a hike or a bike ride. Even in places with crowds, like on the train or at the farmer’s market, your dog can retreat in the backpack and not run the risk of being overlooked. Often you are allowed to take your dog free of charge on public transport if he is transported in the backpack.

The matching dog backpack

For most Westies the MountainRock Backpack in size Medium and the PeakStone Backpack in size Medium are suitable. If your dog is larger and heavier than average, we will be happy to recommend the right backpack for you. Please fill out the form “The right size” with the data of your pet. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

Let’s go: There’s nothing better than making memories together with your dog.

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