Ideally, you’d like to be out and about with your four-legged friend all the time, constantly making new memories. A well-prepared and planned city trip, for example, can also be a wonderful experience. But what do you need to be aware of? Can your dog travel on public transport? Is a city trip like this even good for your dog? You can find out the answers in the following article.

Customer photo: Thomas and his Maltese Balu in Krakow
PeakStone Backpack – Medium, Forest Green

City trip with a dog

Sightseeing, looking for a cozy café in the old town or strolling through shopping streets – for us humans, a trip to a city is often a great way to escape from everyday life. It can be the same for your furry friend. An unfamiliar area offers lots of new impressions that your dog will joyfully absorb and process – pure brain jogging. However, this only works as long as it is relaxed and has the opportunity of sniffing. It is important to observe your dog’s behavior and act accordingly. If your dog seems tense or even anxious, the trip to the city should be kept as short as possible. Signs of stress include tugging at the lead, panting or a tense posture. This will prevent your dog from even enjoying the trip. It is therefore important to know your dog and interpret its behavior accordingly.

One way to reduce stress is to take your dog with you into a dog carrier backpack. Your four-legged friend can watch all the action happening from a safe distance without being exposed to direct stress. This is particularly useful in large crowds, for example in pedestrian zones or famous places in cities. 

Alternatively, you can either go into the city with your dog early in the morning or later in the evening, or take the less busy side streets. This makes it easier to avoid the larger crowds of tourists. Places with a lot of crowds should be avoided at all costs.

During an exciting excursion, a break in a café or restaurant comes in handy – here as well, your four-legged friend has the opportunity to rest in its TARIGS backpack and recharge its energy. The backpacks offer a good place to retreat to not only in the hustle and bustle, but also in more relaxed moments.

Public transport

When you visit a city, you usually want to get from A to B, preferably without a car. Every dog handles a journey on public transport differently. This should definitely be practiced before longer journeys. Short journeys and lots of rewarding are often effective. Furthermore, the regulations of the public transportation providers in the destination cities must be taken into account. Dogs sitting in a closed transport option, such as our backpacks, are often allowed to travel free of charge. This not only saves money, but also nerves for both two- and four-legged friends. Additionally, you always have both hands free. You should always find out about the general regulations at your destination. Safely stowed in a dog carrier backpack, the journey is in any case more relaxed for your four-legged friend.

Customer photo: Tanjas Dachshund lady in Brugge
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Hints and advice

A trip to the city should always be well planned and prepared in advance, especially if your furry friend is with you. It avoids a lot of stress for your dog, because if you are not stressed yourself, you can really concentrate on your dog. For example, it is helpful to think carefully beforehand about what you want to visit in the city, whether the restaurant allows dogs or whether there are open and green spaces where your four-legged friend can relax in between. 

Your dog should also be well prepared for a city trip. Water and treats are essential. A retreat in the form of a blanket or a dog carrier backpack is also recommended. 

By the way: repeatedly voted Germany’s most dog-friendly city, Hamburg offers many opportunities for both two- and four-legged friends to have a great time together. But other German cities such as Leipzig, Bremen and Munich are also popular destinations for dog owners due to their numerous green spaces and less crowded city centres.

Well planned, nothing stands in the way of a trip into the city with your dog! However, you should always pay attention to the behavior of your dog to make the trip as pleasant as possible.

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