Have you ever been on a hike with your dog where he or she ran out of steam halfway through? Or have you already done a hike together and had to realize in the middle that the tour is not suitable for a dog? We have too! The solution is simple: a dog backpack for hiking!

With the dog backpacks from TARIGS this problem is finally a thing of the past.

Planning is (almost) everything and the rest is pleasure!

Hiking is no fun without company. But we can’t ask our friends to accompany us every time we want. Why should we do that either? Each of us already has the perfect partner for hiking! There is someone who always wants to be there. He or she is pretty furry, has four legs and a tail. It’s your dog. Or your cat.

Hiking with dogs has not only become a popular sport, it’s also healthy. For you and your dog. Plus, shared experiences strengthen the bond between your dog and you. Although dogs can be a great hiking partner, not all hikes are suitable for dogs. With a dog backpack for hiking, you can master any hike.

Sometimes you know it in advance, other times you are surprised by passages that are not surmountable for small and large paws. Some dogs have less stamina than their two-legged friends and do not last the entire tour. This can have different reasons. For example, your dog is still very young or already older, has a heart defect or … Do without hiking or leave your dog at home is not an option for you? Not for us either, by the way! The solution? A dog backpack to carry your pet and experience small and big adventures at the same time.

What you should pay attention to?

When buying a dog backpack, there is much to consider: Size and weight, durability, material and safety features.

The dog carrier backpacks from TARIGS are available in different sizes. Make sure that the backpack is not too small for your dog. Even if you feel more comfortable with a smaller backpack in the beginning. A Basenji is bigger than a Yorkshire Terrier. By the way: Larger backpacks are usually designed for more weight and therefore have a better load distribution. In addition, men and women quickly get used to the size.

Hiking & trekking backpacks usually have a net weight of 1 to 2 kg. Depending on the size and model. Your dog backpack for hiking should not be much heavier than 2 kg, so that you can carry it including dog.

Make sure that your dog backpack is made of high quality. Choose a model that is robust and durable and that you can enjoy for a long time. This not only saves money, but is also sustainable. The bottom of a dog carrier backpack should be sturdy enough for your dog to sit on a straight surface.

What you shouldn’t forget!

There are different materials, which are suitable for dog backpacks. A washable material is particularly practical so that you can quickly clean the backpack. Especially when hiking, the dog and the backpack get dirty quickly. The ground is muddy, it rains, … If you prefer a model made of polyamide (nylon) or polyester, you should make sure that the color is not very sensitive to dirt. Especially light colors get dirty quickly and are difficult to clean.

Even if your dog is totally relaxed 24/7. A tether or leash that you can attach your dog to in your backpack is an absolute must. We recommend you always secure a dog to a harness. It is also ideal if you can close the dog carrier backpack completely. So you are on steep passages on the safe side.

Of course, it is advantageous if the backpack, in addition to the space for your dog, also has enough storage space for food and more. So you don’t need to take another backpack with you and you can also take turns when you are hiking in a group.

Important: Don’t underestimate your dog’s weight. It’s best to start with short, easy walks and increase slowly.

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