TARIGS comes from TARIG

TARIGS is a young online shop, in which everything revolves around the owner’s or four-legged friend. Our range of dog products changes almost every day and continues to develop. We always pay attention to the highest quality, comfort and naturalness, as well as environmentally friendly production in all our products.

But not only that, our products should always have a useful component and should also be fun for the dog. Therefore you will never find expensive nonsense with us that will give you maximum pleasure or make the dog a joke. TARIGS offers you high quality dog ​​products at a great price-performance ratio.

The most important dog items are part of the TARIGS product range right from the start. In addition to regular specials, you can already find the categories: Walk the dog, Something to wear and Clean your dog.

What is the TARIGS category?

Swing your paws!

Walk the dog offers a wide range of dog products for a walk with the dog. These include, for example, the Aurach fabric collar, the Aurach fabric leash, but also the high-quality Frombork leather collar. Dog products for a carefree dog walk. Collars and leashes for dogs come in numerous designs and materials, such as leather, fabric, nylon, neoprene, biothane and much more, all of which have their advantages and disadvantages.

In general, however, every dog ​​collar and dog leash must be tailored to the needs of the dog and owner or owner. One of the most popular products for dogs are fabric collars and leashes. You should definitely make sure that these, such as the TARIGS fabric collar Aurach, are well lined on the inside, optimally with a tear-resistant material, so that you can enjoy them for a long time. Leather collars and leather lines, on the other hand, have the advantage that they not only look classic and of high quality, but that is exactly what they are – particularly robust and stable.

Get dressed properly!

Something to wear summarizes all TARIGS dog products that the dog can carry. This includes raincoats, fluffy sweaters that keep you warm, winter coats, but also a cozy warm scarf for dogs. Dog clothes have long been frowned upon as useless and tailoring. Dog clothes have their reasonable justification. Of course, this does not include putting the Chihuahua in any summer dress or dressing up the Rhodesia Ridgeback as a lion for Halloween, even if it certainly doesn’t hurt him.

All Tarigs dog products that you can find under “Something to wear” have a practical and meaningful character. Nevertheless, we of course also pay attention to an attractive design. Many dog ​​breeds have little to no undercoat. What can be an advantage in summer is a big disadvantage in winter. Humans also dress warmer in winter than in summer. Why? It is cold! The excuse that the dog moves is also of limited importance here, since even high-performance athletes wear appropriate clothing even in winter.

In addition, we do not want to get too close to any dog ​​owner, one thing is certain: Most of our domestic dogs are still trained high-performance athletes. If the dog also runs on a leash, it cannot develop into a high-performance athlete. At the latest, every dog ​​owner should intervene and buy dog ​​clothes as soon as the dog freezes (even dogs have different degrees of cold sensation).

Clean up!

Clean your dog is the category of dog accessories that enables people to take care of their four-legged friend – so that he or she can feel completely at home. Grooming is a particularly important part of this.

With the fur care glove from TARIGS, for example, you can easily remove loose fur and stimulate blood circulation to the skin, which becomes more important with increasing age. In addition, the coat care supports the coat shine and at the same time ensures a neat appearance.

Another product from this category is the TARIGS Cleanser Artless. A novel, self-developed dog shampoo that is produced and filled by hand in Germany. High quality MADE IN GERMANY. Our Cleanser is only made from the highest quality products: natural cosmetics Bio | Vegan | Without silicones | Without sulfates | Without preservatives Without the addition of dyes Maximum natural fragrances Without palm oil!

Would you like to find out more about TARIGS and our products? Then just take a look at our online shop.