Questions after questions

Help, our first puppy is moving in? How do I meet the needs of my four-legged friend? … Finally the time has come. Man’s best friend will now also become a part of your everyday life or may already be. And he or she deserves only the best! Our first dog moved into our household over ten years ago.

Of course you have already dealt with the countless dog breeds. Purebred dogs or mixed breeds. From a VDH breeder, from the animal shelter, from home or abroad. Whether puppy, young dog, adult bitch or male, or even a delightful senior …

Our first dog

The best dog in the world

… you have dealt with all the things that are so important before deciding to buy a dog, adopt it or whatever you want to call it. You have thought about what you can or want to offer the dog, your future darling and what your coexistence should look like … child-friendly, active, relaxed, good-natured, smart, all this and much more should be he or she. And in the end it is the greatest dog in the world anyway, we know that from our own experience!

This decision may have been made many years ago or only a few months ago, for the other this decision is still pending. If you want to find a new dog at home, we would like to recommend the following to you: No matter which dog you choose, be honest with yourself in advance and deal with the dog’s needs.

You are doing a great favor not only for yourself, but also for the dog. And choose the dog that you like best. Not your best friend, neighbor or future dog trainer. Your dog will surely not only make you white-hot once and you will never think of another dog or breed.

If you choose a puppy, you should definitely pay attention to a balanced and confident breeding. The price shouldn’t matter here, because in order to be able to finance the veterinarian and Co. in the long term, you should always have the necessary change in your pocket, because something can happen every day, whether young or old.

What wants, what can, what should & what must?

Covering dog needs with the TARIGS products: For the dog, we are everything and that is why it is so important that we adapt to the needs of our dog. Whether young or old, large or small, every dog ​​has individual needs that change over the course of his life. And this is exactly where TARIGS comes into play – the dog shop for dog accessories and dog supplies, perfectly tailored to the individual needs of your favorite.

A new collar or a new leash, made of leather or fabric? A warm, cozy sweater that protects against the cold weather outside, keeps the senior, the sickly or sick dog warm in the house or apartment? A fluffy bandana that keeps the neck of our favorite warm or a new dog shampoo that impresses with its naturalness?

For large and small dogs, for puppies and seniors. At TARIGS you get everything you need to meet the dog needs of your favorite animal. Of course, in high quality workmanship and quality. We always pay attention to environmentally friendly production. Only products that meet our high standards are included in our product portfolio, so that we can only offer you and your four-legged friends the best, most beautiful and at the same time most practical products that we also want to use for ourselves and our dogs – for a perfectly covered dog requirement . Only products of the highest quality may one day count among the TARIGS products.

The development of the dog person

High quality at great prices: Thanks to our first dog Tarig, we can now look back on well over 10 years of dog experience. Not only the dog needs, but also the dog people have changed continuously over time.

The range of dog accessories has always evolved. There is almost everything, from cheap to expensive, from cheap to high quality. And yet it is not easy to find the perfect product: practical, high quality, durable, beautiful and all of this at a great price-performance ratio.

We have tested all the products you find at TARIGS on our favorites. And you can only purchase products that convince people and dogs from us. For us, the best seal of quality there is. In order for you to have as much fun with our products as we do, we send all of our products without a minimum order value and free shipping from 29 €. If you and / or your four-legged friend are not satisfied or the size does not fit, you can send the products back. To prevent this from happening, we would be happy to advise you in advance so that you can find the right product in the right size for your darling, tailored to individual needs.

Our first dog not only laid the foundation for a wonderful life together, but also for great high-quality products – THANKS TARIG.

TARIGS – the online shop for people with dogs – for a 100% covered dog need.

Our first dog was Tarig by the way.