Left or right?

They exist just as much in dogs as in humans. Left-handed or right-handed, or rather left-handed or right-handed. Scientists have even found that this can be used to draw conclusions about the character of dogs. It is easy to find out whether your dog is a left-handed or right-handed dog.

How can you find out if your dog is a left or right pole? Very simple: let your fur nose sit in front of you. The paw with which he or she takes the first step indicates whether your fur nose is a left-wing or a right-wing. It’s best to repeat the whole thing about 10 times. This way you can clearly identify which side your dog prefers and find out whether he or she is left-handed or right-handed.

Just as in humans, males are more left-wing scouts than females. The same also applies to cats. So far, however, why this is the case has not been clearly clarified in science.

Conclusion on the character of your fur nose

Once you have found out whether your dog is right-winged or left-winged, then it will be exciting! Scientists have found that dogs, which are right-winged dogs, statistically more often successfully complete training as assistant dogs than left-winged dogs. In addition, right-winged poles are also considered to be particularly loyal to their owner. Another property that is extremely important for guide dogs. Linkspofters are often more creative in finding solutions to problems. Wells research also showed that the preference of the paw is related to the mental stability of dogs. Dogs that belong to the category of left-wing mockers tend to show signs of stress and more fearful behavior than right-winged mobs.

You can also differentiate between left and right-handed dogs. If the tail of your fur nose moves to the right, the four-legged friend is happy. On the other hand, if your dog’s tail moves more to the left, the mood is rather bad. Dogs tend to wave to the right when the left side of the brain is active. This is the case if your fur nose detects you, for example. The right hemisphere, on the other hand, is active, for example, when he or she discovers his or her archenemy. Then there is a wagging tail pointing to the left. The results of the investigation by Giorgio Vallortigara have also shown that the differently directed wagging happens unconsciously, but is perceived by other dogs.

And? Is your fur nose now a right-wing or a left-wing?