Miniature Pinscher sitting in hiking backpack from TARIGS in green

On the go with your fur nose

A lot has changed in our world today. Dogs are much more important in our society and are now an integral part of the family. Whether a long day trip in nature, large and unavoidable gatherings of people or an entire outdoor vacation. Take your little fur nose with you wherever you go. In the deepest forest or high in the mountains. With a dog carrier backpack for outdoor activities.

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For many large dog breeds, young or old, it is no problem to master these tours. Of course, even with large dog breeds, the common activity should be adjusted depending on age and physical conditions. But especially small dog breeds can not keep up for so long, especially in old age due to the small and shorter legs and often need a break.

The same applies to puppies of all dog breeds. Exactly for such conditions, a dog carrier backpack for outdoor activities is the perfect way to always be on the go with your fur nose. Dog carrier backpacks can of course also be used for cats.

By the way: As you get older, your best friend usually becomes more affectionate.

Carrier bags for dogs are ideal for tours by bike, long hikes and of course for trips by bus and train. Always make sure that the carrying backpack for your dog is high quality and sturdy. There are many different models on the market that have different weights. The most important thing is a stable floor and a robust, water-repellent and easy-to-clean material. These properties are predominantly found in the high-priced and high-quality models. Even if your fur nose does not weigh 10 kg, you should make sure that the bottom of the backpack is level when your fur nose is sitting or lying in it. This ensures that your dog can lie down or sit comfortably.

Woman carries Westie in dog carrier backpack from TARIGS

Dog carrier backpack for outdoor activities

Most dog carrier backpacks can be opened at the top or front, so that depending on the model you can put your fur nose more or less easily in the backpack. A stable frame is ideal so that you can put your dog in from above and a large seat or floor.

As a rule, the backpacks have a small window made of 3D mesh, which can be opened or closed as required. In addition, all dog backpacks are equipped with air holes, which is why no model can be guaranteed 100% protection against moisture. Depending on your needs, you can also put a small, soft fleece blanket in the backpack. So your four-legged friend can always snuggle up.

All dog carrier backpacks from TARIGS can be found here!

With a dog carrier backpack you are always on the right track with your little fur nose. Whether your dog loves sniffing in the air or wants to feel the wind in his fur. All this and much more is possible with a dog carrier backpack. Furthermore, you can give your little furry nose a break when he or she needs the break. The familiar environment offers protection and security. The carrying backpack for dogs can also be used as a cave for on the go. When hiking, mountaineering, cycling or camping. These transportation options are perfect for anyone who likes to travel. And also always have their fur nose with them.

What should you look out for when buying a dog carrier backpack?

The size of your fur nose is important when buying a dog backpack. Your dog should always have enough space. Of course, the resilience must also be right. The information provided by the manufacturer is decisive here. So make sure that the measurements and weights correspond to your dog. In addition, the adjustable back or shoulder straps should have good padding. Ideally, the backpack also has a chest and a waist belt. These should also be adjustable. Depending on the application (hiking, cycling, …) and body size or back length, you should adjust the length of the shoulder straps individually.

PS: A dog backpack does not mean that your fur nose should no longer run. Dog backpacks are especially suitable for protecting your fur nose in stressful situations and always having a place to rest. So your fur nose can relax, rest and watch the world as long as you keep walking.

By the way: With the dog carrier backpack from TARIGS you are guaranteed to be a real eye-catcher!