Birds are chirping, flowers are beginning to bloom, the days are getting longer, spring is here. This means more time outdoors, more sunshine and longer walks. For us humans as well as for many animals, the start of spring is often a relief after the dark winter. Animals wake up from hibernation and our dogs are happy to be able to spend more time outside. Despite the spring fever, however, there are some aspects that we humans should bear in mind so that we can be considerate of wild animals and our four-legged friends. A dog backpack, for example, can help with this.

Customer photo: Fey and Ayuki in a meadow full of flowers
PeakStone Backpack – Medium, Dark Gray

Where did the fitness go?

It can be assumed that after less exercise in winter, dogs are full of energy in spring and don’t want to stop walking at all. However, it can also be the complete opposite – in winter we usually walk our dogs less due to the weather, the cold and the lack of daylight. Our four-legged friends’ fitness can suffer as a result, which is why it needs to be slowly built up again without overwhelming the dog. This is where a TARIGS backpack can come into play, for example. The length of the walks can then be gradually extended. If your dog’s condition is no longer sufficient, it can simply be carried in the backpack. This is also possible if your furry friend is affected by spring fever rather than the joy of spring and is tired and lethargic.

“Dangers” on the meadow

Even if the greening meadow is inviting to play and linger, there are a few things to watch out for. For example, many spring flowers are poisonous to dogs. These include daffodils, lilies of the valley and tulips. For pets that like to nibble on plants or eat things outside, transporting them in a dog backpack is a safe place to avoid the risk of poisoning.

With spring, the activity of ticks and other insects slowly begins again. The pests are flying around in the flowering meadows with the growing grass. Another danger is the increased activity of bees. To prevent your dog from being bitten by a tick or stung by a bee, it will find protection in its backpack.

Respect the breeding and setting season

Most wild animals start breeding in spring. Birds, deer, squirrels, foxes, wild boar and ducks have babies in spring. It is therefore important that they are not disturbed by humans or dogs, for example, or that the offspring are not injured. It is not uncommon for the hunting instinct in dogs to still be well developed and for instinct to take priority over training. Especially if your four-legged friend has a strong hunting instinct, it is advisable to transport them in a dog backpack in the forest, for example, or at least to keep your dog on a lead. This way, nesting and breeding animals are not disturbed.

Dog backpack or dog stroller

A walk in the PeakStone Backpack
PeakStone Backpack – Medium, Forest Green

Woman carries MountainRock Backpack in Special Edition Dark Sky Blue.

Our backpacks are also available in bright, spring colours
MountainRock Backpack – Small, Dark Sky Blue

Plants in spring

The gardening and planting season begins again. And with it the use of fertilisers, slug pellets and other seeds. All of these are poisonous for dogs. Make sure your dog doesn’t sniff around in freshly planted flower beds or eats things from the ground.

It’s not just the pretty-looking flowers that start to sprout, but also grasses, pollen and other plants that we humans often react to with allergic reactions such as hay fever. In fact, dogs can also be allergic to them. To reduce the impact, walks can be adapted to the pollen count. It is low in the evening in the city, early in the morning in rural areas and in general after rain. You should also wipe your dog with a damp cloth after a walk – sounds strange, but it helps to remove the pollen residue from the fur.

Spring comes with a lot of new energy and good vibes. Nevertheless, a few things need to be considered so that the season is a good time for us, our dogs and other animals that live out in nature. A TARIGS backpack helps you and your four-legged friend to cope with many such situations, to be considerate of everyone and to avoid dangers.

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