One of the best and easiest ways to carry your cat around is with a cat carrier backpack. A cat backpack is a backpack that you can put your cat in and carry him around. A cat carrier backpack acts as a carrier, but is also a backpack that you can wear on your back. Many also wear their backpack in the front. Depending on the size and weight of your cat, this may be more or less comfortable. The backpack is not only a means of transportation for your cat, but at the same time the safe place when he is afraid.

One huge advantage of a backpack over a tote bag is that you always have both hands free. Typical pet carriers are usually boxy, clunky, and require one or more hands to carry. Plus, TARIGS pet backpacks have plenty of pockets where you can carry essentials like keys, treats, and drinks. Find out what to look for when buying the perfect cat backpack for you and your cat in this blog article.

The size

Your cat carrier backpack must be the right size for your cat. TARIGS pet backpacks are available in different sizes. Your cat should be able to sit, turn and stand up properly. And most importantly, it should be comfortable. Make sure that the backpack is suitable for the weight of your cat. We also recommend that you compare the dimensions of the backpack with the dimensions of your cat. Maybe the backpack is suitable for your cat’s weight, but not high enough to sit upright.

The base

The base/bottom of the backpack is the foundation for your cat to sit comfortably in the backpack. If the base is soft, it can cause the backpack to sag at the bottom. However, if the seat is too hard, it can be uncomfortable for your cat. TARIGS backpacks have a firm, padded bottom. A cozy blanket, which your cat already knows, will make him feel comfortable right away.

The material

Advantageous is a backpack for cats, which has a soft structure. This way you can quickly fold the bag and store it without any problems. However, make sure that the backpack does not fold due to lack of stability when your cat is sitting in the backpack.

Windows & airholes

Your new pet backpack will need plenty of windows and/or air holes. Typically, the windows are made of mesh or plastic. Mesh windows also allow air to enter the backpack. Also, your cat can see through the mesh even when the window is closed. Plastic windows are usually like an astronaut’s dome and have a few air holes. However, these models often do not allow enough air inside the backpack.

The opening

It’s best to consider now if you want your cat to walk into the backpack on its own, or if you just want to put it in. The MountainRock Backpack opens from the top, the PeakStone Backpack opens from the front. We recommend that you choose a backpack that can be opened while carrying your cat in the backpack. This way she can stick her head out and enjoy the outdoors. In any case, the backpack should also have a tether strap that can be connected to your cat’s harness.

The comfort

Ultimately, you are the person who carries his cat on his back. Therefore, the cat backpack must also be comfortable for you. We recommend buying backpacks with chest and waist straps to distribute the weight on them. Also, make sure that the shoulder straps and the back of the backpack are properly padded.