Sassy, bright, playful, brave and funny. This is how puppy Ayuki is described by her owner. Ayuki is no longer a puppy, but has already grown into a young Mini Australian Shepherd lady. About a year ago, Ayuki became part of a family and the little “sister” of the Coton de Tulear bitch Fey. TARIGS MountainRock Backpack has accompanied the family for several years now. When Ayuki moved in, TARIGS PeakStone Backpack also became a daily companion for the puppy and her family. Read on to find out how we accompanied Ayuki and what is important when it comes to backpacks for puppies.

Puppy sits in PeakStone Backpack - Small, Forest Green

Customer photo: Ayuki is about 25 cm tall and weighs approx. 4 kg
PeakStone Backpack – Small, Forest Green

Mini Aussie Ayuki

The Mini Australian Shepherd lady Ayuki was born on the 28th of November 2022 and moved in with her new family, including Coton de Tulear Fey, at the end of January 2023 and has been turning the family’s life upside down ever since. A puppy always means a change for everyone, testing their own limits and a lot of responsibility and effort.

The family has had a TARIGS backpack for their dog Fey for two years. This makes hiking, trips into town, bus journeys and cycle tours easier. Now Ayuki should have a daily companion with the PeakStone Backpack. At the beginning of 2023, the puppy still fitted into size Small. The backpack is important for trips of all kinds. Puppies cannot and should not walk too long distances, but Fey still wants to go for a walk. So Ayuki could always be taken along in the backpack.

The little puppy in the big world

The PeakStone is always with them on trips into the city. These kinds of trips are important for the socialisation of puppies. They still have a lot to learn and have to learn how to deal with this type of situation. So as not to overwhelm Ayuki, she could watch everything from her TARIGS backpack. The open windows allow a constant all-round view. During a short break, the backpack can also be laid down and used as a place to rest and doze.

Ayuki also masters her first bus and train journey perfectly. She can rest in her backpack and be carried around the city.

Puppy lies in the PeakStone Backpack. The matching Booster Seat leans against the backpack.

Customer photo: Ayuki is approx. 37 cm tall and weighs nearly 9 kg
PeakStone Backpack – Medium, Dark Gray

Puppies grow very quickly, especially larger breeds. Accordingly, the PeakStone Backpack in the Small size quickly became too small for Ayuki. The next backpack waiting for her was the PeakStone in Medium. 

The family loves hiking and is often on the go. Ayuki could take breaks in her backpack during the trips. Fey is also sometimes carried in her medium MountainRock Backpack when she can no longer walk or the hiking trails are too difficult. Especially on longer trips, the storage space in the TARIGS backpacks is ideal for storing various items such as water bottles, treats or keys.

Over the year, Ayuki will outgrow the medium size of the PeakStone Backpack, with the large size following next. It is still advisable not to overload a puppy. So it’s all the better that the large Mini Australian Shepherd dog still fits in her TARIGS backpack.

Around November 2023 Ayuki is fully grown, is approx. 44.5 cm tall and weighs 13.5 kg. The PeakStone is suitable for dogs weighing up to 16 kg, so Ayuki can still be chauffeured.

For those of you who have / get a puppy (eg Border Collie or Rhodesian Ridgeback), for which later only Large or even not the size Large fits, we usually recommend to buy directly the size Large. For sure the backpack in size Large will be a bit big for your puppy in the beginning. Too much space is actually never wrong. It is best to put the TARIGS Booster Seat in the backpack so that your puppy sits higher.

Customer photo: Ayuki is approx. 43 cm tall and weighs 12 kg
PeakStone Backpack – Large, Forest Green

Puppies and dog carrier backpacks

Sometimes you get the feeling that you can watch a puppy grow. Larger dog breeds in particular grow at record speed when they are puppies. A difficult circumstance when deciding on the size of a dog carrier backpack. This has many advantages, especially for puppies. Primarily because, as mentioned, puppies should not be taken on excessively long walks. The rule of thumb is 5 minutes of walking per month of life. 

Should I buy a backpack in size Small, which would fit perfectly at the moment but will be too small in a few weeks, or should I go straight for a TARIGS Backpack in Large, so that the adult dog can also fit in it?

For puppies, we always recommend buying the size that will also fit the adult dog. Even if the backpack in the larger size is probably too big for the puppy, plenty of space in the backpack is not a bad thing. With a Booster Seat from TARIGS, a blanket or a cushion as a booster seat, you can help the puppy to sit higher and look out of the window.

A puppy brings a lot of joy, chaos and fun into your life. With a TARIGS backpack, you can make sure that the young four-legged friend can join you in many activities, which can be very helpful when getting to know the environment and everything that is part of it. 

Ayuki and Fey are always happy when they can take a break in their TARIGS backpacks while being part of everything.

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