New for all larger four-legged friends! Until now, the MountainRock Backpack has been available in the sizes Small, Medium and Large and is therefore only suitable for dogs weighing up to 16 kg. We now have something new for some larger breeds!

The TARIGS MountainRock Backpack in the Medium size was the first backpack to be produced. We are all the more pleased that the range can now be extended from three sizes to four sizes. The MountainRock Backpack is now available for dogs up to 20kg. This makes it the first dog carrier backpack for dogs up to 20 kg (carrying capacity) in which the dog can sit in a natural position in the backpack.

Large dog backpack for dogs up to 20 kg

The 20 kg MountainRock Backpack

The backpack is 40 cm wide, 70 cm high and 30 cm deep. The 3D mesh window, typical for TARIGS backpacks, starts at a height of 40 cm and is 20 cm high, ending at 60 cm. The 20 kg MountainRock Backpack itself weighs approx. 2.9 kg. (All dimensions given are approximate.) It is made of lightweight but very robust material, which is also water-repellent. Just like the other MountainRock backpacks, the 20 kg backpack has an adjustable chest strap, shoulder straps and load control straps. There is also a hip belt. The 20 kg version has a professional hip belt with hip fins and an additional zip pocket on each side. You can store things like poo bags or keys there.

There are also large inner and outer pockets with zip fasteners for safely storing all important items, such as food, wallet, treats etc. There are two mesh compartments on the outside of the backpack. Water bottles, for example, can be stored here.

So there is enough space to store everything you need for an adventure.
But what about comfort for dogs and humans?

Padded hip belt for the best wearing comfort

Carrying comfort

The ergonomically shaped shoulder straps and back are padded with 3D mesh. In combination with the hip and chest straps, this ensures a comfortable fit. All elements have been specially developed for transporting heavy and large dogs. Inspired by the large, professional climbing backpacks, all MountainRock backpacks have two removable metal rods. These ensure that the back section of the backpack remains vertical even with a heavy load. This provides perfect carrying comfort. The stable base of the backpack supports your four-legged friend and ensures a sturdy backpack and more support and stability when sitting. As with all TARIGS backpacks, the retaining strap ensures that your dog cannot jump out of the backpack unintentionally and put itself in danger.

The window in the MountainRock backpack is made of 3D mesh and is therefore permeable to light and air. The window can be opened and closed using a zip.
In addition to the window, ventilation holes on three sides ensure good ventilation for your dog.

Due to its size and the high load capacity for which the backpack is designed, the 20 kg MountainRock Backpack is only suitable for physically fit and tall people from approx. 1.70 m in height (depending on back length). The following rule of thumb can be used to determine how much weight you should carry: For trained people, the body weight is divided by 5 (for example 70 kg : 5 = 14 kg, so this person should carry a weight of 14 kg). For well-trained people, body weight : 4.

20 kg MountainRock Backpack

The MountainRock Backpack was previously available in the sizes Small, suitable for Chihuahuas, Medium for Westies, Miniature Pinschers or Miniature Poodles and Large, for example, for Shiba Inus. The maximum load capacity therefore is 8 kg, 12 kg or 16 kg, depending on the model. The new 20 kg MountainRock Backpack allows owners of dogs weighing up to 20 kg to transport their dogs in a backpack. This means, for example, that your furry friend can be offered a place to relax or your dog can be taken on trips, even if they are no longer physically able to do so.

The new 20 kg MountainRock Backpack from TARIGS is suitable for medium to large dogs, such as many Australian Shepherds, Border Collies, Spitz or Whippets.

Has your dog always been too big and too heavy to be carried in a dog backpack? Not any more! With TARIGS, your furry friend weighing up to 20 kg is always with you. Creating memories and experiencing something together is the best thing!

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