Shiba Inus are one of the old Japanese dogs. Just like the Akita, the Shiba Inu, also called Shiba, is considered a particularly original dog breed. Both breeds are one of the most popular dogs in Japan. Shiba Inus are known for their stubbornness and do not have a pronounced “will-to-please”. Therefore, they prefer to decide by themselves when to move. TARIGS dog backpacks are ideal for carrying young or older Shiba Inus on excursions. Otherwise they would have to stay at home.

Profile Shiba Inu

Origin: Japan
Weight: 6 – 13 kg | 13.3 – 28.6 lbs
Shoulder height: 36 – 43 cm | 14.2 – 16.9 ″
Back length: 35 – 45 cm | 13.7 – 17.7 ″
Life expectancy: 12 – 15 years
Fur: soft, dense undercoat, with hard, straight outer coat
Color: red, black tan, sesame, black-sesame, red-sesame
Character: faithful, intelligent, self-confident, lively, adventurous, teachable

The Shiba Inu on the photo sits in size Large and has a shoulder height of 41 cm | 16.5 ″.

The dog breed

Today’s Shiba Inus in Japan and Europe are slender, high-legged and have an elegant appearance. In contrast, the American representatives of their breed are often taller and more muscular. The Shiba Inus’ stubborn, intelligent character makes them a demanding companion. Their training is far from easy. They like to decide for themselves, if humans allow it. In addition, Shiba have a strong, innate hunting instinct. Free running is therefore rarely possible. Often the demanding dogs do not like retrieving exercises or tricks.

To keep the intelligent Shiba Inu active, exciting and varied activities are required. For example, walks and trips to new areas with new smells. Some dogs also like food games (retrieving food bags or search games) or chasing the stimulus rod. Every dog and every Shiba Inu is different. It is important to keep your dog busy not only physically, but mentally as well. The Shiba Inu will only enjoy activities that he is convinced will be beneficial.

The Shiba is a clean, robust and easy to care dog. However, regular brushing is important. He loses the dense undercoat twice a year during the coat change. The breed is generally healthy, but major exertion in heat should be avoided. In cold and snow the dogs feel most comfortable.

On the road with Shiba Inu

No matter if they are young, old, sick or just don’t want to walk anymore. Shiba Inus show very clearly when they no longer want to walk. Dog carrier backpacks are great for city trips, hikes, bike rides and more with the stubborn dogs. Your Shiba sits securely in the backpack and you have both hands free. Whether on a tricky hiking trail or in a crowded shopping mall. Even in places with many people you can bring your dogs with you relaxed. For example at markets or events. Often it is allowed to take your dog with you on public transport for free, if the dog is carried in a backpack.

The matching dog backpack

Many Shiba Inus need the MountainRock Backpack in size Large and the PeakStone Backpack in size Large. For small Shiba Inus, the Medium size (both models) is sometimes suitable. Please fill out the form “The right size” if you are unsure which size is ideal for your dog. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

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