• Dog carrier backpack for medium size dogs Westie sitting in trekking backpack for dogs by TARIGS

    PeakStone Backpack

     237.90 327.90
    • 3 sizes (according to physique & weight)
    • Adjustable chest strap
    • 2 zippered pockets on the hip fins
    • Lightweight, thin & tear resistant material
    • 3 mesh pockets on the sides, e.g. for drinking bottles
    • Outside: zipper pocket
    • Inside: Padded laptop sleeve
    • Stable bottom & a stiffened back section
    • Integrated tether strap
    • 3 closable windows
    Model sizes: Medium: Westie & Miniature Pinscher
  • Miniature Pinscher sitting in hiking backpack from TARIGS in green Woman carries Westie in dog carrier backpack from TARIGS

    MountainRock Backpack

     147.90 217.90

    The perfect backpack for small & medium-sized dogs.

    • 3 sizes (according to physique & weight)
    • Hip belt & chest strap for better comfort
    • Light, robust & water-repellent material
    • Mesh pocket outside, e.g. for drinking bottles
    • Inside and outside pocket with zip
    • Ventilation on three sides for humans and dogs
    • Stable floor & internal frame for better balance & stability
    • Integrated tether & lockable window
    Hiking, cycling, ... always on the go! Model sizes: Medium: Westie & Miniature Pinscher | Large: Shiba Inu | Small: Chihuahua
  • TARIGS Booster Seat TARIGS booster seat for MountainRock Backpack

    Booster Seat for MRB

     67.90 87.90
    The matching booster seat for your MountainRock Backpack. The Booster Seat is made of 3 elements: A durable high density outdoor foam, a water resistant protective cover and a soft cover. You can also remove the PUR foam from the booster seat and use it as extra storage for your change of clothes and more inside your MountainRock Backpack.
    • Durable and stable in shape
    • Hygienic and easy to clean
    • Relieves and protects the joints


Dog Carrier Backpack

Take your four-legged friend with you wherever you go! The dog carrier backpacks by TARIGS are perfect for all city slickers and nature lovers. We took care of every detail. No escapades and no hurdles! Whether ambitious hikes or challenging mountain bike tours, a trip by bus or train, an extended walk or the next city trip with your four-legged friend… you are always together on the road! Simply put your fur nose inside the backpack, clip to the carabiner and you are ready to go! Get your dog backpack now at TARIGS!

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