A dog backpack for biking is a great way to have your dog with you wherever you go – no matter how far away. Unlike a bike basket or bike trailer, you don’t need an adapter and can use your dog’s backpack for any bike. Many bicycles have suspension. This protects you and your dog against bumps and shocks of the ground, such as tree roots and curbs.

What you should have in mind when buying a dog backpack for biking?

As an avid biker, you spend a lot of time on your bike. In the city or in nature. Therefore, it is important that you consider a few features to ensure that you find the best backpack for your dog.


Make sure the backpack has one or more windows made of light and air permeable material. The backpack must be designed so that your dog can sit comfortably in it. It should also have wide, padded shoulder straps. An additional chest strap can also be helpful.


You never know how the weather will be. Especially on a bike tour. Therefore, you need to make sure that your backpack is water repellent and easy to clean. In addition, it should be made of a sturdy material.


Of course, your pet must fit into the backpack without any problems. In addition, you should think about what shape best suits your and your dog’s needs.

Bike backpacks

For mountain bikers, bike commuters and everyone who likes to travel with bike and dog. The dog backpack for cycling must sit well, especially on fast descents with the mountain bike, so that nothing disturbs or wobbles. The center of gravity of the backpack should be close to the back. This is especially important when mountain biking.

Just as important is the ventilation. All TARIGS dog carrier backpacks have a ventilation system. This provides the necessary fresh air supply, so that you do not sweat too much on the back. To protect your dog from wind and weather, our dog backpacks are made of water-repellent material. So you can brave any weather!

Our bike backpacks for dogs are equipped with mesh pockets on the sides, where you can store energy bars and gels, as well as drinks, so that everything is within easy reach. They have tether straps, high-quality zippers and reinforced bottoms. Choose the right size so your dog can sit upright comfortably. Despite its bright and vibrant colors, the MountainRock Backpack is impervious and easy to clean thanks to stain- and water-resistant materials. The material of the PeakStone Backpack is also water repellent and ready for use all year round.

Dog transport for mountain biking

Dog bike baskets are often suitable for dogs up to 7 kg and are attached to the handlebars via an adapter. If the dog does not sit quietly in the dog bike basket, it can therefore lead to an unsafe driving experience. For bicycle baskets, the lighter the dog, the better. Since bicycle baskets have no (natural) suspension, rides through rough terrain, over roots and curbs should be avoided at all costs.

For dogs weighing 20 kg, bicycle trailers are the best alternative. However, with a heavy dog in the trailer, riding in hilly terrain is difficult. Uphill the trailer pulls down, downhill it pushes forward. Also, with smaller dogs in the trailer, uneven, rooty trails should be avoided. The risk of the trailer tipping over, along with the dog and bike, is far too great. By the way, it is forbidden to take bicycle trailers and cargo bicycles on most public transportation.

Dog carrier backpacks benefit from the natural suspension. Nevertheless, dog backpacks are also not suitable for wild downhill trails. Tours over rooty trails, on the other hand, are no problem. However, they are only suitable for dogs up to about 16 kg. The TARIGS dog backpacks are foldable, can be easily stowed and are ready for use immediately, without adapters.

Backpack for everyday life

The advantage of dog backpacks for cycling compared to bike baskets and trailers is that your dog sits close to your body, which keeps the bike more streamlined. So you are more sporty on the road. Our stylish backpacks also make a good figure in everyday life. Besides your dog, you always have your valuables with you. Our PeakStone backpacks are also equipped with an extra pocket for money, smartphone or keys in the hip belt.

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