The perfect size for the backpack for dogs depends on several factors. Most important are the dimensions of your dog, such as shoulder height, back length and the weight of your dog. Especially if your dog fits two sizes, your personal feeling is important. Some people want to give their dog as much space as possible. Others prefer a backpack that fits as tightly as possible.

To choose the right backpack for dogs, make sure you know the following measurements of your dog:

  1. The shoulder height
  2. The back length
  3. The weight

In addition, you should know the following dimensions of the backpack:

  1. The height
  2. The width
  3. And the depth
  4. The maximum load
  5. Position / height of the windows

If the inside and outside dimensions are different, you must know the inside dimensions and use them as a reference.

Your dog’s weight

Probably the easiest measure to judge whether the dog backpack can fit is the weight. We recommend you to choose a dog backpack whose maximum load is not less than the weight of your dog. Of course, you are free to choose a dog backpack that is not suitable for your dog’s weight. However, we recommend you to choose a matching size if possible. In addition, the load distribution with increasing load is usually even better.

However, the weight is not (always) sufficient to choose the appropriate size. Especially if your dog is rather tall and slim built, he rather needs a bigger dog carrier backpack. For example, a French bulldog, which weighs 12 kg, is much smaller than a greyhound, which weighs 12 kg. Both dogs weigh the same, but probably do not fit into the same size backpack.

In addition, dogs of one breed sometimes vary greatly in size and weight. For example, we get many requests about which size of the MountainRock Backpack is suitable for French Bulldogs. Between 25 and 40 cm shoulder height and corresponding back length, as well as a weight of 8 to 15 kg. Accordingly, sometimes the size Medium fits, but sometimes only the size Large.

Your dog’s shoulder height

Depending on whether your dog should fit into the backpack even with the window closed, the height of the complete backpack is an important parameter. In this case you also need the complete height of your dog (including head).

For most people, this measurement is negligible, because the window (almost) always remains open anyway. Then the shoulder height is decisive. Ideally, there should be 5 cm space between the shoulder blades and the upper edge of the window. The shoulder height should be at least equal to the lower edge of the window. If your dog is smaller, for example because he is still a puppy and should only grow into the backpack, you can simply put a pillow or a blanket in the backpack so that your dog sits higher.

By the way, the best way to measure shoulder height is when your dog is standing. The shoulder height is the raised transition from the neck to the back.

Your dog’s back length

This measurement is usually negligible. The length of the back is especially relevant for dogs that have a particularly long back. These include, for example, Dachshunds and Welsh Corgi Pembrokes. It is best to measure the seat area of your dog and compare it with the area of the backpack.

Please note that depending on the position of the window(s), the seating position of your dog will vary. Your dog will need the least amount of seating space if the backpack has side windows. Like for example the PeakStone Backpack.

Between two sizes

If two sizes fit your dog, you are spoiled for choice. Now it depends on your personal feeling. Some of our customers prefer a backpack that fits tightly for the dog, others want to offer their dog as much space as possible. Especially smaller women prefer the smaller model because of the size of the backpack. However, the load distribution is usually even better with larger models.

Important: If you do not normally wear large backpacks, a backpack with a height of 60 cm will probably be a bit unusual to wear at first. But you will get used to it very quickly. A Shiba Inu is bigger and heavier than a Chihuahua and needs a bigger backpack.

Found the perfect backpack for dogs?

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