Who does not know the dog breed? Chihuahua, the smallest dog breed in the world! The Mexican breed is mainly known as the lap dog of celebrities. However, this is not fair to the little four-legged dog. Despite the small body size, Chihuahua like to be the center of attention. Chihuahua are self-confident and courageous. Nevertheless, they are unfortunately too often underestimated. From good breeding Chihuahua are active small dogs. Nevertheless, their little legs are too short to run alongside a bike or keep up on extended hikes. You want to take your pup with you on trips, too? Then you need a dog backpack for Chihuahua. A safe place with the best view!

Profile Chihuahua

Origin: Mexico
Weight: 1 – 3 kg | 2 – 7 lbs
Shoulder height: Up to 22 cm | 9″
Back length: 20 – 30 cm | 8 – 12″
Life expectancy: 12 – 20 years
Fur: Shorthair: smooth, dense, close fitting, shiny; Longhair: soft, fringed
Color: All colors
Character: Confident, spirited, docile, alert, cuddly, brave

The dog breed

Chihuahua allegedly already existed among the Aztecs, but only as short-haired dogs. The long coat was later crossed by American breeders. Also with the Chihuahua applies: Pay attention to a good breeding. Physically and mentally healthy dogs are self-confident and full of temperament. Most four-legged Mexicans do not like wetness and cold. In bad weather they prefer to stay at home. Chihuahua are docile and alert, affectionate and cuddly. Nevertheless, the small dogs tend to have delusions of grandeur in encounters with large dogs. Therefore, Chihuahua should be socialized early and get to know other dogs, otherwise they can become yappers. Chihuahua are good beginner dogs. Despite their small size, they should not be underestimated. Training and education are just as important as with any other dog breed. In addition, Chihuahua must be taken seriously and not treated as toys by children or adults. Chihuahua are also prone to breed specific illnesses. These include occasional cleft trachea, heart valve problems and water headedness.

Hiking with Chihuahua

Chihuahua can also run long distances, like other dogs. Nevertheless, the workout should be adapted to the abilities of your dog. This depends on age, condition, health and other factors. On hikes, people are often surprised by impassable passages. For small dogs like Chihuahua this can be fallen trees and long stairs or even stairways and via ferrata. On these sections a dog carrier backpack is the best solution. Your dog sits safely in the backpack while you climb over the obstacles. Besides, you have both hands free. The MountainRock Backpacks have enough space for your dog and your equipment. In addition, your dog can rest in the backpack when he needs a break.

The best view

Dog carrier backpacks are real all-rounders. They offer your dog a safe place on the road. Whether on a hike or a bike ride. Even in places with many people, like on the train or at the weekly market, your dog can stay in the backpack and does not run the risk of being stepped on. By the way: Many public transport companies allow you to take your dog with you for free if he is in the backpack.

The matching dog backpack

For most Chihuahua’s the MountainRock Backpack and PeakStone Backpack in size Small is suitable. If your dog is taller than 25 cm | 10″ (shoulder height), we recommend the MountainRock Backpack and PeakStone Backpack in size Medium.

Let’s go: There is nothing better than creating memories together with your four-legged friend.

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