Due to the current flood disaster in Germany, we spontaneously decided to round up the collected donation amount from the Limited Edition Red Berry of the MountainRock Backpack and to double it afterwards. Thus we donated a total of 5,000 € to three associations. We only supported associations that were directly affected by the floods or that support those affected! Every Euro counts and you can do good too. The associations, to which a part of the flood aid for animals in need of TARIGS goes, are presented below.

Flood help for animals in need

So far, the flood of the century has claimed numerous victims in much of North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. People have lost their homes, livelihoods and in some cases their lives in this disaster. Countless pets and so-called livestock were left behind due to the flood disaster. Thanks to unprecedented rescue efforts by firefighters, THW and volunteer animal rescuers who specialize in animal recovery, rescue and securing, numerous animals have been saved.

The relief effort on the ground has been substantial. Countless donations in kind have already found their way to the disaster area. In addition to buildings and infrastructure, many animal welfare facilities have also been affected by the flood disaster and some have been almost completely destroyed. Especially monetary donations are indispensable for the reconstruction. Therefore, we have decided to help and support animal welfare facilities!

In the following we present you the associations. The donation amount of 5.000 € was distributed among all associations!

Dogman Tierhilfe e.V.

Dogman Tierhilfe works according to the motto: Rescue, Save, Secure! They search for and secure pets such as dogs and cats, but also wild animals and wild birds. The skills of Dogman Tierhilfe e.V. are indispensable right now! The team works voluntarily and is available for you almost 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! After they were finally able to reach the affected areas, numerous animals were rescued and cared for on site.

Thank you so much for your efforts!

Tierheim Bonn

The animal shelter in Bonn has been hit particularly hard. Even if the extent of the flooding is not yet foreseeable, one thing is clear! The property damage caused by the flood is immense. Animal shelters are having a hard time in the Corona pandemic anyway: because donations are not coming in, fixed costs continue to run and placement numbers are fluctuating. And if all this were not bad enough, the first animal shelters are already overcrowded with “Corona dogs”. According to the first estimate of the Bonn animal shelter, the damage caused by the flood is “about 200,000 €” (Source: https://tierheimbonn.de).

Thank you for your support!

Tierschutzverein Gnadenhof Anna e.V.

The “Gnadenhof Anna e.V.” has already existed for over 10 years. Especially animals, which hardly have a chance to be placed, find a place there to enjoy their twilight years. Besides dogs, the “Gnadenhof Anna e.V.” is also home to rabbits and guinea pigs, chickens and goats, and many other domestic and so-called farm animals. Unfortunately, the farm was hit very hard by the flood. Flood relief for animals in need is absolutely necessary here.

Thank you for your help!