On the go with your fur nose

Dog backpacks are backpacks for dogs. That means the dog carries this backpack on his or her back. This type of backpack is attached to the dog with a harness or, depending on the model, with a kind of harness. Depending on the model, the pockets of the backpack can also be separated from the dishes so that the dishes can also be used without pockets. Alternatively there are dog carrier backpacks. The dog is carried in a backpack on the back of the biped. You can find your ideal dog backpack for outdoor activities here at TARIGS.

Distribute the load fairly

The first advantage of dog backpacks is very clear. Your dog can help you carry it. After all, you don’t eat the kangaroo treats yourself or carry the dummies around in your mouth. But a backpack for dogs also has other advantages, of course. Your dog has a job and the muscles and the condition of your fur nose are strengthened. However, pay attention to the weight of the backpack when filled. Backpacks come in different sizes (volumes). Depending on the size, you can pack a different amount in the pockets of the backpack. But it is very important: load the backpack of your fur nose with a maximum of 25 – 30 percent of his or her own weight. Start with an empty backpack. Then you can pack more and more into your backpack. So you build up the weight steadily. You should also “fill in” the backpack first before going on a long hike together.

Dog backpack for outdoor activities

Many dog ​​backpacks for outdoor activities are equipped with reflectors. So you are always clearly visible. Even in the rain or dark. Also make sure that the backpack for your fur nose is adjustable on all sides and straps depending on the base. That means, for example, if the backpack is based on 3-point harness, the harness should be adjustable at six points. In addition, they usually always have a handle that is positioned on the back. This ensures that you can safely guide your dog past steep cliffs and difficult obstacles. Some dog backpacks also have both a back and chest ring. This allows you to fix the leash as needed. The chest ring allows you to have better control over your fur nose.

Large backpacks for large dogs

The backpacks for dogs should be ideal for dogs with a weight of approx. 9 kg. However, we recommend that you first use the dog backpack for medium-sized and large dogs over 15 kg. Depending on the size of your fur nose or the chosen size of the backpack, the volume varies. The following applies to saddlebags for dogs: the higher the quality of the material and the better the comfort for your fur nose, the more expensive the backpack is, as a rule. Make sure that your fur nose has good freedom of movement even with the backpack on your back. Non-slip straps also offer good load distribution. What shouldn’t be missing from any outdoor activity? Mud and dirt. Therefore, the backpack should also be made of breathable and water-repellent material.

Whether hiking, camping or cycling. In the mountains, by the water or in the forest. Always have your fur nose with you and share the weight with you. Here we go!

Why do you need a dog backpack for four-legged friends?

The dog backpack for outdoor activities is perfect for all active human-dog teams. In terms of appearance, dog backpacks resemble a harness for dogs with two more or less large pockets. Different models differ greatly in appearance. In some models, the backpack can be separated from the harness, which means that the harness can also be carried separately. In other words, the bags can be removed from the dishes. However, this is not possible with all models.