What is dear and dear to you …

You can get high-quality dog ​​accessories almost everywhere. At the shop around the corner or in the supermarket. In the dog shop or on the Internet. With this huge selection, it is certainly not easy to find the right product. It should not only mean, but also meet the requirements of my beloved four-legged friend.

High quality, durable, fashionable and chic. Practical, washable, striking, but still reserved, … dog accessories should be a real all-rounder and still not too expensive for everything – just high-quality dog ​​accessories.

But before we tell you that you can get the greatest, most beautiful and highest quality dog ​​accessories at TARIGS, we tell you what is more important than great dog accessories.

What the fur nose wants …

Every dog ​​has its individual needs that need to be met. One dog prefers this. The other dog prefers that. But we can tell you one thing from many years of dog experience: There is no dog who does not love to romp through the forest with masters and / or mistress, jump through the area, play races and yes, even jostle with us. Because that’s exactly what dogs do to each other. As we all know, the dog is the only living thing in this world that regards humans as a full partner. And that is exactly why it is our duty as master or owner to meet the high demands of our animals.

Binding is the be-all and end-all

The first link in the bond chain between dog and human does not require a collar, leash, toy, coat, etc. Only the love between human and dog is important first. Despite all this, of course we do not appreciate it if you let your dogs run uncontrolled without a leash. Of course, there are also countless dog breeds, especially working dogs, which are not fully utilized by a small game of catch, but for the social bond between humans and dogs, such actions are the most important, those that will let your dog happily cross the rainbow bridge in the end and those who let you watch after with a laughing and a crying eye.

How do we put the link to high quality dog ​​accessories? The happy moments, yes, they are. Happy moments are what make a dog’s life worth living! And let us rejoice every day.

What the fur nose gets …

Why do we do TARIGS at all? That comes to the question: “Where can you get high quality dog ​​accessories?” relatively close. We noticed very early on that the price does not have to be a quality feature, when a small puppy named Tarig on a leash, which, as our veterinarian said, “would be suitable for a full-grown St Bernard dog” and the connection to the Carabiner is torn.

Finding high-quality dog ​​accessories is by no means an easy task. That is why we have made it our task to produce exactly this for our and all other dogs, masters and mistresses, so that even inexperienced dog owners only get the best for their four-legged darling. In the production of our TARIGS products, we always pay attention to top quality, high-quality workmanship, high functionality and practicability, naturalness, as well as environmental friendliness and a conscious approach to nature and the environment.

Aurach – a municipality in the district of Kitzbühel, Tyrol

With our TARIGS fabric collar Aurach, we set practical attributes in addition to a great design. Everything that makes it a high-quality dog ​​accessory. This includes, for example, that the metal ring for the carabiner to which the leash is attached is always positioned firmly next to the lock. Why? The whole thing has no visual advantage, but a practical one. Every dog ​​moves, one very rarely, the other every day with every walk. Either way, it is certainly not a pleasant thing. The ring is often attached opposite the clasp. This causes the pulling dog to press the collar clasp against the throat. That it is neither pleasant nor healthy is certainly logical.

With TARIGS fabric collar Aurach, your darling will not automatically stop pulling, but the comfort for the beloved pet is still increased. TARIGS fabric collar Aurach is only one of many great products from TARIGS product range. Take a look at our shop, learn more about us or read many other exciting articles in our News section. We would also be happy to advise you on the product selection.

PS: You can now have TARIGS products delivered worldwide!