Dog Carrier Backpack

With TARIGS dog carriers, you can take your furry friend with you wherever you go. Whether you’re hiking, biking, or just taking a walk, your dog will be safe and comfortable in a TARIGS dog carrier.

Benefits of TARIGS dog carriers:

  • Ergonomic: Our carriers are designed to help relieve the stress on your back and shoulders.
  • Water-resistant: The material of the carriers is water-resistant, so your dog will stay dry even in the rain.
  • Practical storage: The carriers have plenty of storage space for treats, water, and other essentials.
  • Variety of models: We offer dog carriers in a variety of sizes and styles for dogs of all sizes and breeds.

TARIGS models:

  • PeakStone Backpack: The PeakStone Backpack is the ideal companion for small to medium-sized dogs. It’s lightweight and comfortable to wear, and it has plenty of storage space for your essentials. It’s also features three large windows and a large entryway.
  • MountainRock Backpack: The MountainRock Backpack is the perfect backpack for dogs up to 20 kg. It’s sturdy and stable and provides your dog with a comfortable seating position. The modern design makes it a stylish companion for you.
  • Dachshund Backpack: The Dachshund Backpack is specifically designed for Dachshunds and other long-backed dogs. It provides your dog with a comfortable and safe transportation option.

Which dog carrier is right for you?

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